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Policy on Dealing with Related Party Transactions
Policy on Dealing With Related Party Transactions
Whistle Blower Policy and Vigil Mechanism
Whistle Blower Policy And Vigil Mechanism
Policy on Determination of Materiality
Archival Policy
CSR Policy
Code of Practices and Procedures for fair disclosure of UPSI
Code of conduct to regulate, monitor and report trading by Insiders
Nomination and Remuneration Policy
Charter of Audit Committee
Performance Evaluation Policy
Code for Independent Directors
Code of Conduct for Board Members and Senior Management Personnel
Policy for Safeguarding Rights of Minority Shareholders
Policy on Board Nomination
Policy on Board Diversity
Independent Director Familiarization Programme
Corporate Governance Reports
Corporate Governance Report- December 2015
Corporate Governance Report - 2015
Corporate Governance Report - 2014
Corporate Governance Report - 2013
Corporate Governance Report - 2012
Corporate Governance Report - 2011
Corporate Governance Report - 2010